Sunday, October 11, 2009

no spend challenge....weekend shopping

i stayed home on friday, but DH went to a meeting and bought a $2 cup of coffee on the way. i couldn't be too upset though, because he was going to meet with my daddy about moving to mooresville!

yesterday DH and i went to the davidson harris teeter. did the meal deal with the $2 off coupon for the hormel meat. don't know how that will be, but the nutrition info wasn't horrible and i thought that was a lot of food for $6. happy to have the big bag of salad! also got the 57¢ nestle cookies and some cinnabon bars (i love those!) with a coupon my dad sent home with DH. also needed some poptarts.
* on bottles of yellow tail shiraz, there were hangtags for $2 off beef, got a couple of those and one on some other wine for $1 off chicken. the beef coupon says "no wine purchase necessary"! so look for those.
total spent $9.51.

after lunch on saturday, we went to bj's and got some grape tomatoes (2 lbs) and an 18 pack of land o'lakes eggs. i had a coupon for free eggs that i got when i hosted a land o'lakes house party a few months ago. house parties are a way companys promote their product and the hostess gets lots of free stuff. check out their website here.
total spent at bj's $5.67

then to walmart for the wine, and some butter.
total spent $8.62.

today, while DD was at choir, we went to the mooresville harris teeter to get some papers and the e-vic eggs i forgot yesterday. i also saw the HT had 8 pack AA energizer batteries for $4.99 and i had a $2 off coupon, so i got those. the managers at the mooresville HT must really be hard on their cashiers. the young girl practically read each word on my one coupon and then said "those were energizer batteries....i guess there was 8 in that pack, right?" aaaggghhh!
total spent $3.78
papers $4.00

then to target. even though the $2.49 chicken was not listed in our ad, they did have it. it was the extra tender type, but the coupon worked fine with no beeps. bumble bee tuna pouches were still on sale for $1 so i got 2 more of them (free with coupon). and there was a sweet lady handing out coffee sample for market pantry coffee. DH was happy about that since we skipped the usual starbucks. the best part...she was also handing out coupons for a FREE full sized bag of market pantry coffee! so we got that and some bananas, a cucumber, and a 5 lb bag of oranges for $2.99. i had left my pocket book in the car, with my gift cards inside, so we had to pay the full

dinners are still going well.
friday i made tortellini alfredo with peas and bacon.
used more peas than the recipe called for and made my own alfredo sauce. it was pretty good, even better reheated with a few grape tomatoes thrown in for lunch today.
saturday dinner was grilled chicken wraps, mexican layer dip and chips, and annie's mexican macaroni and cheese (i don't think they even make this any more, it was from a box).
sunday dinner is pancakes and al fresco chicken sausage, with some oranges on the side.

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