Friday, June 19, 2009

target sales, here today, gone tomorrow.

my good friend called me today about a strawberry sale at target.
on sale for 1.25$...use the 1$/1 target printable for 25¢ strawberries!
e said that the cashier gave her a hard time about wanting to use 2 coupons on 2 packs of strawberries. now, i know it says "limit one per transaction", but i have never had that enforced before. so beware.
also blueberries were $1.99.

i went for laura's lean beef patties. on sale for $3.99 and i found a 1$ printable here.
great deal. or so i thought...
i get to target, now mind you, i had just been there wednesday.
today's price.

oh, another good thing did happen.
remember the jennie-o coupon? original post here.
i got my 5$ off any 1 product coupon this week. so target had 20 oz packs of 7% ground turkey on sale for $2.99. i got 2, because i thought that was a good price.
they took off the whole 5$!
that made up for the hamburger i guess....

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  1. Yes, it has not been enforced for me before. I have bought several packages of chicken and even bought two containers of strawberries on one visit and used a coupon on each; so this is definitely a new thing or just a grouchy sales lady. There are a few of those out there!