Wednesday, December 2, 2009

deals sent by readers!

thank you to the good folks of mooresville who send me deals that they find!
here are a few that i have received lately...

$15 in coupons from campbells

nestle coupons

reported from bottom dollar 12/1
20 oz. package of Food Lion brand Ground Turkey on clearance for $1.30

aldi's good deals:
Eggs $.69 per dozen
Milk $2.19 per gallon
Apple Cider $2.99 per gallon
Pineapple $1.99 (had been 99¢ )
Big Cantaloupes $1.69 each
3 pound bags of apples are $1.49 - wow!
Butter is $1.47 or $1.48 per pound (can't remember now)

thanks for sharing guys!
if you find a great deal in mooresville, just email me (link on right).

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