Saturday, May 9, 2009

buying coupons

sometimes there may be a coupon that you really love, for a product your family uses on a regular basis. it may be worth it to "buy" 20 coupons for a dollar or so to save you much more than that.

here is a service i like. it's lori has 3 kids and shipping is fast and FREE! i found lori through ebay, which also has lots of coupons, but the free shipping is great. you use your paypal account for payment.
as an example, right now lori has 20 50¢/1 daisy brand sour cream coupons for $1. harris teeter will put these on sale for $1 and double the 50¢ coupon. so for $1 you could get 20 containers of sour cream!

*pay attention to the expiration dates for the coupons to make sure you have time to use them.*

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