Monday, April 13, 2009

mooresville food lion 4/13/09

as i walked thru the doors, beautiful deep red californian strawberries called my name. "okay" i said, an put them in the basket. 2$ each.
now down to business...

i went for the great deal on sugar. it's on sale for $1.49 but if you get the little coupon that is beside the unsweetened kool-aid (on sale for 0.10), you can save $1 off of a bag of sugar when you buy 5 kool-aids!
so, 0.99 for a 5 lb bag of sugar and 5 packs of lemonade.

kraft mac and cheese crackers on sale for 0.99.
coupon for $1/2 from newspaper.
0.50 each

found some lever 2000 bar soap on clearance for 3.35.
coupon for $1.50
$1.85 for 8 bars of soap!

johnson and johnson finger wrap bandaids on clearance for 1.59
coupon for $1 off

johnson and johnson first aid tape on clearance for 1.24
$1 off coupon

huggies bath products on sale bogof (3.40 reg price)
had a printable 0.50 food lion coupon (goodle "food lion baby steps") printable 1$/1

nature's place organic green beans 1.38
play the "match" game at for a $1 off coupon

check the coupon database at for all these coupons and more!

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